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Commercial heating manufacturer Remeha is delighted to sponsor the inaugural Building Services Forum.

As providers of complete heating solutions, Remeha works closely with specifiers, consultants and building services engineers. Remeha understands the pivotal role of the building services sector in making buildings actually do what they are designed to do – creating not just a shelter but a safe environment where people can live, work and achieve.

  • The Building and Industrial Services Pipework Academy (BISPA) is a collaboration between the School of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University and Tata Steel and its Tubes business.

    Established to raise awareness of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and pipework-related issues and innovations. BISPA provides CIBSE accredited training courses for designers, specifiers and building services installers.

    The UK has been set a target to reduce its share of carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, so BISPA aims to promote cost-effective energy saving practices in pipework system design and installation.

    BISPA is undertaking a number of research initiatives comparing the performance of various HVAC pipes, identifying best practice and developing digital tools for the efficient design and installation of HVAC pipework systems for new low energy and retrofit commercial buildings.


Silver Sponsor

Carlo Gavazzi

  • Carlo Gavazzi has one of the largest energy management and smart building ranges in the UK. Simple to install, single/three phase energy meters are easily integrated into the latest energy platforms and the 2 wire bus system for smart buildings provides a unified approach to controls services such as HVAC, lighting and other building services.

    There is scope for massive energy reduction, and investment in energy saving technology can be recouped relatively quickly. Carlo Gavazzi’s solutions result in better management of buildings; meeting the demands of intelligent buildings depends on the flexibility and intelligence of the infrastructure keeping up with the pace of change and consuming less energy. Carlo Gavazzi believes it’s all about getting the technology and right strategy.

    Carlo Gavazzi offers rapid and cost effective installation that encourages optimisation of energy consumption, building efficiency and a lower carbon footprint.



Ideal Commercial

  • Ideal Commercial Boilers offers high efficiency commercial heating solutions. Operating from its Hull manufacturing plant and offices since 1906, they are one of the few British manufacturers left in the heating industry.

    Their commercial condensing boiler ranges not only comply with UK and EU legislation by some distance, they also qualify for maximum BREEAM points due to extremely low NOx emissions.

    Additionally, the Evomax, Imax Xtra and the Evomod ranges are listed on the Energy Technology List, enabling end users to claim 100% tax back in the first year through the Government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme.


Bag Sponsor


  • KNX is firmly established as the open, worldwide STANDARD for all building control applications.

    The vast choice of KNX certified products supported by leading manufacturers enables quick and easy control and integration of lighting, blinds, security systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, monitoring, alarming, water and more within any building.

    KNX UK promotes the deployment of KNX technology in buildings across the UK. It operates as a partnership of manufacturers, integrators, wholesalers and training establishments along with other interested parties. KNX UK is governed by an elected and experienced board from the KNX community with the goal of making KNX technology the first choice for consultants, engineers and installers in the development of intelligent buildings and properties.

    KNX UK hosts regular events for members, providing fantastic opportunities to build industry contacts, product knowledge and applications expertise. For information on how to join and to find out about upcoming events, please visit www.knxuk.org or email admin@knxuk.org.

Silver Sponsor

North Building Technologies

  • North Building Technologies makes control and integration products for buildings. 

    Its controllers link systems together to optimise building performance, and its user interfaces simplify building management.

    Its products are configured for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings by trusted resellers, installers and OEMs.

    North is an independent company based in Brighton, UK since 1995.




  • Panasonic Electric Works is a global leader in the innovation, design and manufacture of Relays, Connectors, Switches and PIR Sensors. Its latest innovation in PIR motion sensors includes the new Dual Zone Lens type and patented “Approach Sensing Technology”, Horizontally Wide Detection type.

    Panasonic PIRs unique design concept goes from the production of the sensing devices to the internal signal processing, thus guaranteeing an optimal detection capability and high reliability.

    Panasonic NaPiOn & PaPIR sensors all have a standard 3 pin footprint, 2 pins for power supply and 1 pin for output signal, the circuit design once approved can use any of the 71+ standard sensor variations depending on applications sensing/trigger requirements. This allows product designers to finalise hardware in reduced timescales and concentrate on the firmware/software offering of their application.

    Panasonic sensors allow for quick and easy product hardware development enabling engineers to work on the behavioural pattern modelling associated with their application.


  • Priva is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of building control systems through its network of fully accredited partners. It offers cutting-edge technology to provide a comfortable, healthy and energy efficient working environments for all applications.

    Priva has various innovative market leading cloud-based solutions, including BI Metrics, BI Energy and BI Alarms, which provide accurate building performance analysis via KPI’s and energy management packages. These improved insights to buildings can save organisations up to 20% on their energy bills. The alarm ‘App’ can be be viewed through smart devices such as phones and tablets.


  • REHAU is a leading provider of innovative polymer-based products for buildings. Established in Germany in 1948, its building systems address sustainable design priorities to reduce energy costs, create healthy and safe environments, and conserve finite resources, as well as provide enhanced comfort and convenience.

    With 40 years of experience in the plumbing industry, REHAU developed RAUTITAN – an advanced hot and cold water plumbing system for residential and commercial applications. The combination of PE-Xa pipework with RAUTITAN brass and/or polmer fittings delivers the highest standards in security, reliability, hygiene, comfort and life cycle costs.

    The REHAU product range includes the innovative Thermally Activated Building Structure (TABS) system, a versatile cooling and heating system, which uses the large thermal mass of concrete in a building’s structure to adjust the environment inside the building by running heated or chilled water through pipes embedded within the concrete slabs.

    The REHAU range also features a variety of underfloor heating solutions, and products specifically designed for district heating, such as pre-insulated pipes which can be used to convey heat over long distances.

    All of these energy efficient building products, and much more, are displayed at the REHAU Hub at The Building Centre.




  • Energy efficiency is a key issue of our day and age when it comes to conserving resources and climate protection. About 19% of the energy used world-wide goes on lighting. This equates to an annual demand of about 2,650 terrawatt-hours. Here, the intelligent use of lighting can make a huge contribution to saving energy.

    Sensor technology from STEINEL makes intelligent lighting possible – for the good of the environment, but also for added convenience, safety and security every day. It is only switched ON automatically when it’s actually needed, and automatically OFF again when it’s no longer required. Combining innovative LED technology with sensor technology can even make an energy saving of up to 90%.

    Sensor-switched lights, motion detectors and presence detectors from STEINEL demonstrate just how intelligently energy can be used. High-tech, ground-breaking products from STEINEL go hand in hand with energy efficiency – whether at home or in business.



Thames Water

  • Thames Water is the UK’s largest water and wastewater services provider. The company supplies almost one third of the 9 billion litres of water used by people and businesses in the UK each and every day, while removing and treating over four billion litres of sewage for 15 million customers. Employing around 5,000 people, its service area stretches from the eastern fringes of Gloucestershire and Wiltshire in the west, through London and the Thames Valley, to the western edges of Essex and Kent in the east.


Supported by


  • The Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) is the UK’s leading trade organisation for building engineering services contractors – representing the interests of firms active in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, control and management of engineering systems and services in the built environment. BESA members benefit from access to a wide range of services and support that is carefully tailored to their needs, which helps them build better and more profitable businesses.



  • BSRIA is an ISO 9001 registered test, instruments, research and consultancy organisation, providing specialist services in construction and building services. It offers a wide range of services to help companies improve the design, build and operation of buildings. Its unique blend of product testing and market research can also help manufacturers gain the relevant product certification and plan their marketing strategy.

    Its building investigation services help FMs to operate and maintain their buildings more efficiently, saving money and energy while minimising disruption to systems critical to their business. From maintenance strategy consultancy to hands-on condition monitoring and site investigations, BSRIA will give you clear, practical recommendations with real business benefits.

    BSRIA’s instrument sales, hire and calibration service is backed by a Quality Assurance management system and a team of expert engineers who can advise you on the best instrument for your need and offer technical support and site services.



  • ECA is the UK’s leading trade association that represents and supports the interests of businesses and organisations involved in electrotechnical and engineering services design, installation, inspection, testing, maintenance and monitoring across the United Kingdom (excluding Scotland). Since 1901.



  • FETA is a UK trade body which serves the diverse interests of manufacturers, suppliers, installers and contractors within the building services sector. It is split into six principle Associations; ADCAS, BCIA, BFCMA, BRA, HEVAC and HPA.

    FETA’s history dates back to the 1940s, with the early stages of fan technology and the expansion of the UK’s refrigeration industry as part of the war effort. As technology changed additional groups began to form which then combined into associations, eventually leading to the formation of FETA.

    Being a member of one of FETA’s specialist groups offers a number of benefits, including; industry representation, improved access to a wide range of exclusive information and member discounts and free attendance at seminars.